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We started on the nursery this weekend! When we renovated our home 4 years ago, we knew we would eventually use the room pictured above for the nursery. It originally had sloped ceilings, so we added a dormer (center) to get more floor space. On the left is a small closet, and on the right is a built-in bookcase I designed. The hardwood floors are American Cherry, and the walls and trim are both painted in Benjamin Moore “Mayonnaise”, which gives the room a very serene feeling. I do love color, though, so today we are trying out swatches of color on the walls.

Inside the closet you can see the slope of the original ceiling.

The wall directly across from the dormer (above) is where the crib and dresser w/changing table will go. On the wall from left to right (top row) are Serena & Lily’s Citrine, Sunshine, and Shell paint colors. The stripe of color below Citrine is “Sprout”.

Another view of the closet (above, right) and the entrance to the room (above, left). Paint colors from top-left to bottom are Serena & Lily’s Citrine, Sunshine, Sprout, and Shell.

We are also considering painting the ceiling a shade of blue (below)…

From top-left to bottom-right are Serena & Lily's Signature Blue, Bluebell, Air, and Pool.


Paint samples, or as my husband refers to this picture "My wife's OCD in action."


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Life Before Baby


Here is a good “before” photo of what life looks like in our home now. Fairly quiet, peaceful, clean. I like to look at this picture and imagine how different life will look 6 to 8 months from now. The first thing to go? Probably the broken shards of sea glass scattered over the floor of the fireplace for decoration 🙂



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